Our Experience

We have been working with Porsche vehicles for more than 35 years. Our passion for Porsche is evident in every project. Our loyal customer base is our greatest reward.

Our customer cars have included vintage road cars like the 356, early 911, and 930; world famous racing vehicles such as the 908, 935, RSR, and 956; and the more modern 911, 964, 993, 996. Particular areas of specialty are turbo charging and engine management.

Whether we are maintaining your beloved early 911 or adapting 935 technology to your daily driver, we will care for your baby as if it was our own.

Some Past Customers

Profile of Jay Lloyds

Jay's career starting back in the years when Porsche dominated everything they entered. After leaving school in 1973, Jay became apprentice mechanic working with Porsche cars. He caught the racing bug working with early 911s, RSs, and RSRs.

Working for the famous Zeiss Racing Team and The Flying Tigers Teams based in Hong Kong, Jay travelled extensively with the teams building and rebuilding new Porsche race cars. They competed on circuits in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, India, Macau and many others. Jay built The Zeiss Race Cars that won the Asian Championship numerous times.

In 1980 Jay then joined The Roitmayer GMBH Racing Team based in Munich, West Germany. There he spent several years working on 935s, RSRs, and other Porsche race vehicles. The team competed in the heavily contested European Championships at circuits such as the Nurburgring, Salzburing, Hochenheim, Spa-Francochamps, Monza, Mugello, Paul Ricard, and many other famous circuits.

One of their drivers was Franz Gschwender - an extremely talented 935 driver. Jay was invited by his brother Ernst Gschwender to prepare his two Works Racing Motorcycles for the World GP500 Motorcycle Championship, as well as the German GP500 Championship. They competed along side of the likes of Fredie Spencer, Mick Dohan, Randy Mamola, and others...

After Europe, Jay spent a year assisting with setup of the new Porsche dealer in Singapore. He then moved back to Australia to serve as Technician Advisor for Alan Hamilton Porsche in Melbourne. Hamilton was the main importer of Porsche cars to Australia. During this period, Jay assisted in the preparation of Stefan Bellof's 956 for the 1000 kms of Sandown Park. He also had the honour to work with Manfred Winkelehock, Rolf Stommelem, Hans Stuck, Helmet Grenier and Helmet Ristl.

In 1985, Jay opened his own Porsche workshop, Lloyds Motors in Hong Kong. Here he formed the "Lloyds Motors Racing Team" from a carefully selected group of loyal customers. It was a successful venture as they promoted the business by racing in Macau, Thailand, India, China, Japan and Malaysia.

In 1993 Jay moved to Toronto where he joined Terry Cleland with his Porsche auto business. During this time Jay was involved with many projects including design and construction of the MCV CH4 prototype (Motion Concepts Vehicles). The MCV CH4 was a carbon fibre mid-engine V8 Supercar powered by natural gas.

Later on, Jay was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Leny Rabitto at Leny's Automega. Jay worked closely with Leny for several years.

Jay then reopened his own Porsche workshop in Etobicoke, a suburb of Toronto. Lloyds Autosport Inc. is a full service Porsche shop with services ranging from basic service and maintenance up to extreme engine building and chassis tuning. The facility includes an advanced machine shop and custom fabrication equipment.